Keep Food Fresh with YOLIN: Smart Vacuum Container

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Remove air from the YOLIN container with a single press. Have your food last 5x longer

Introducing Yolin, the smart auto-vacuum food storage container. It’s a simpler, more efficient, and more convenient way to maintain your food’s freshness, flavor and nutrition. Yolin’s design ensures that no air enters the vacuum-sealed container, keeping whatever you store at top quality, for longer.
Utilizing a vacuum environment to reduce the contact between oxygen and food, Yolin extends your food’s life 5 times longer than other storage means. It might seem like magic, but it’s just good, cutting-edge science at work.
So much food is wasted every year, just because it doesn’t stay fresh in storage. Yolin has perfected the art of preserving food, so that nothing goes to waste.
Never worrying about opened snacks becoming stale, not spending three hours defrosting meat from the freezer, mixing seasonings in advance, cooking any kind of delicacy, and preventing moisture and mildew from ever getting into your stored food.
YOLIN has a built-in lithium polymer battery. Plug it into any micro-USB socket to fully charge in two hours. Then it can be used once or twice a day for 60 days (i.e. at full power, the air can be evacuated 60 consecutive times). It is the ideal refrigeration companion – securing the freshness and nutrition of your food for a long time.
Each fresh-keeping container is equipped with a detachable, separating partition, which can turn one container into two when needed. When not needed, easily pull it out to use the space more effectively.
Yolin’s production materials are all food-grade and BPA-free, and the lid is made of ABS. Meaning you can safely use the jar to protect your food and your health.
And since Yolin’s working temperature is -4 °F~212 °F, you can safely put it in the freshest part of the refrigerator. You can also use boiling water to disinfect it.
*NOTE the lid is equipped with a precision mainboard and batteries, please do not place it in a Microwave for heating or freezing below 32 Fahrenheit Degrees or 0 Celsius Degrees.
Abandoning the glass material used in a conventional fresh-keeping container, Yolin’s overall weight is reduced by 70%. The entire body is only 380g. Take it outdoor camping, take it anywhere in fact. It is easy to carry.
Meat, seafood, fruit, produce, snacks, YOLIN is designed to keep them all crisp, invigorating and delectable. No matter what it is, YOLIN will maintain its freshness. Always.



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